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Seamless Mobility


Solutions for sustainable Urban Mobility



Accompaniment in public transport with a pilot app



Recording and forecasting of the traffic situation


Do you want to bring sustainable, environment-
friendly Mobility Solutions on the road?

We make it possible!

  • Offering new and environmentally friendly mobility solutions.
  • Simplify public transport for people with reduced mobility.
  • Fleet concepts to replace combustion vehicles with e-vehicles.
  • Real sharing - instead of short-term rentals!
  • For seamless Mobility, for all travel offers!
  • We offer cloud-based software solutions that are easily scalable.
  • With us, local authorities share vehicles with citizens, senior citizens use public transport again thanks to mobility controllers, and electric vehicles drive more economically than combustion engines thanks to optimized capacity utilization.
  • From individual solutions to seamless complete systems.

Our Vision

Let us move you through the day!

  • A learning system that knows the user, suggests intelligent plans,
    advises according to the situation, connects everything and books easily.

We offer you

customized Solutions!

Cloud-optimized pilot services so that people with limited Mobility can stay mobile in your city.
Optimal utilization of electric vehicles for small and large fleets in companies, cities and communities: You save money and become more environmentally friendly at the same time.
Cooperation in innovative research projects in Germany and the EU, in which we, as an experienced partner, explore new innovative Mobility ideas.


Where do your commuters come from?
How long do they spend in traffic?
Will your suppliers make it on time?

When will the traffic light switch to green?
Should I accelerate to make the current green phase?
How fast should I drive to minimize breaking?

Why is there so much traffic on A5?
What is their source and destination?
How many cars drive from Basel to Cologne?

Where do people park in my city?
Which roads see the most parking pressure?
Where to install E-Car charging stations?

How many cars drive Monday morning in Lower Saxony?
What is the fastest route from Berlin to Schwerin?
How far do I get in 30 minutes from Bad Hersfeld?

How can traffic in my city become more fluent?
How to predict traffic light switch times to motorists?
How to integrate a traffic management system?

Where are traffic jams during the morning commute?
How fast do motorists drive on B6 on a Friday evening?
How many vehicles pass Südschnellweg at the weekend?

"Making the right decisions depends on having the right questions answered on time. Handling more than 300 million data-points every day, our industry-proven Apache Hadoop stack stands ready to answer yours!"

We are not just talking - we are active!

Would you like to know
more about us?

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