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We offer you customized solutions!

Cloud-optimized pilot services so that people with limited Mobility can stay mobile in your city.
Optimal utilization of electric vehicles for small and large fleets in companies, cities and communities: You save money and become more environmentally friendly at the same time.
Cooperation in innovative research projects in Germany and the EU, in which we, as an experienced partner, explore new innovative Mobility ideas.


With our cloud-based solution MobiTech we enable pilot services for mobility-impaired people in public transport. Senior citizens, for example, can book an escort for trips in public transport. The mobility pilots are full-time employees, volunteers or spontaneous helpers. Passenger app, service cockpit for the hotline, pilot app and cloud-based backend make MOBITECH a networked service.

The mobility pilots enable more mobility for people who otherwise cannot use bus and train. The solution is used throughout Saarland. Rural areas are optimally reopened for public transport here.

The installation in other cities is also planned.

Urban Air Mobility

Seamless mobility not only on the ground, but brought into the 3rd dimension: Urban Air Mobility is the mode of transport that makes Proactive Seamless Mobility hypermodal.

When a hypermodal node links transportation on land and in the air, new paths open up for cities, communities and users. From parcel drone and air cabs to the integration of modern helicopters, Urban Mobility Innovations is committed to newly optimized mobility.

We are initially active in various cities in order to enable traffic liquefaction or the connection to the city from the surrounding area. We ensure seamless integration into the existing infrastructure - for a holistic mobility experience. 


The proven [ui!] DATALAB technology for data visualization and analysis allows, for example, to display the location and status of vehicles or other assets on a map or to calculate and graphically display defined KPIs.
The [ui!] DATALABs are based on Jupyter notebooks with access to our Apache Hadoop infrastructure as a service and enable both big data analysis and fast data analysis. Currently, 450 million data sets per day (~13 billion data sets per month) are processed and about 11 million evaluations of neural networks for traffic light phase predictions are performed.

The [ui!] DATALAB provides access to a large amount of historical and current data via web browser as well as functions for customizable exploration, manipulation and visualization.

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We are also available for demonstrations at our branches in Berlin, Darmstadt, München, Walldorf or Chemnitz.

We are not just talking -
we are active!

We are continually developing ourselves further with
exciting and innovative projects.

We are proud to present a selection of successful [ui!] UMI
projects from our practical experience!


As part of the HELLO (High-volume ELectric VehicLe PrOcurement) project, we have put approximately 400 additional electric vehicles and around 1,900 charging points on European roads.

HELLO is the largest investment programme of its kind in Europe. Urban Mobility Innovations is the first private sector company to have been supported by the European Investment Bank (EIB) under the ELENA initiative to carry out these preparatory actions.

Together with our three partners Clem' in France, [ui!] uk Urban integrated in the UK and GoodMoovs in the Netherlands, we are getting the European electric mobility market moving!


Electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS) combines innovative technologies with new business models to bring electric mobility to the mass market. We are replacing internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles and individual property with mobility "on demand". Our new genuine sharing system optimizes capacity utilization and consumption, thereby reducing costs. This core component is integrated into Proactive Seamless Mobility through an Open Urban Platform and is thus a component of our holistic mobility offering.

The Electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS) project is being implemented in Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Austria, UK and the Netherlands.


The project "mobisaar - mobility for all" explores the possibilities of cloud-based escort services and rolls out our mobitech throughout Saarland. Focal points are the optimal distribution of pilots to the orders as well as the integration of rural regions, which are rather thinly equipped with public transport connections. This is to be taken into account by integrating alternative mobility providers and spontaneously volunteer pilots. In addition, it should be possible to book completely barrier-free routes with pilot accompaniment in mobisaar by the end of the project.


In the "Drahtlos" project, we are pursuing the goal of researching an intelligent wireless (inductive) bidirectional connection of e-vehicles to smart homes, developing the necessary hardware and software and testing the overall system in field trials. In particular, we are responsible for providing the cloud-based data platform, the visualization of power flows and the evaluation of the data corpi.


In the project "KI-basierte Online Verkehrsoptimierung - Nachhaltige Urbane Mobilität" (KIBO-NUM) new possibilities are to be developed and tested to support cities and communities in coping with traffic problems. The complexity of urban mobility with its many interactions is to be countered by innovative approaches for recording and forecasting the traffic situation and for optimally influencing traffic events, as made possible by information and communication technology, in particular by new urban data platforms and by the application of artificial intelligence (AI) on the basis of the collected Big Urban Data.


OMU is an innovative mobility concept that allows individual tourism providers to make the mobility part of the vacation CO2-neutral for their customers. The goal of the research project is the development and testing of appropriate AI algorithms to proactively enable positioning and charge state optimization of e-vehicles in sharing operation for tourists. Using an iterative approach, in which industrial research and validation by real labs alternate, AI models and algorithms are to be developed that are suitable for widespread use in the future. The focus is on the necessary data integration as well as on the testing of business models. The development will be complemented by field tests in the real lab. For the realization of the project the partners B2M Software GmbH ([ui!] UMI - Urban Mobility Innovations), Continental Automotive GmbH and Stadtwerke Bamberg Verkehrs- und Park GmbH have joined forces.


The aim of the project is to investigate the optimal design of exemplary funding in the creation of a regional Digital Agenda for regions, cities and municipalities in Bavaria, so that they can meet the challenges of digital transformation.
To this end, regional digitization concepts for eleven regional authorities will be developed, coordinated by the ZD.B thematic platform Smart Cities and Regions of the [ui!] UMI.


CoVCAP provides residents with a toolkit that enables them to provide targeted voluntary support in times of crisis for the weaker members of our communities and to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and maximize scarce resources. Since the number of volunteers is limited, people in the risk group must be supported in carrying out basic life tasks such as shopping, refilling prescriptions or traveling to doctor's appointments. With our CoVCAP solution, we support the coordination of this group of helpers and thus enable structured care for those affected.


The supply of the installed charging points is largely based on regeneratively generated electricity. Additionally installed stationary battery storage units are used for this purpose. In addition to a planned active load management of the installed charging points, these should contribute to limiting the locally required grid expansion by buffering the load peaks that occur. These components will be integrated into the overall system in order to enable participation in the control energy market via a suitable control system and to ensure a cost-effective provision of electricity from renewable energy.

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